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Chaz Koch

Coach Chaz has been working with athletes of all ages and abilities for over 15 years. With a background in biomechanics and a certification  as a NASM corrective exercise specialist he understands how the body is supposed to move with efficiency and fluidity. His passion is in helping his clients learn how to change their mindset and grow into the person they want to become through movement and exercise.

Kendra richards

An avid soccer player and High School Varsity Coach, Kendra Richards uses her background to help individuals become the best version of themselves. Being able to make a career out of her passion for sports (especially soccer), physical and mental health, Kendra is dedicated to getting athletes to demand more of themselves. She can often be heard on the soccer field asking her athletes, did you show up today to work as hard as you can? Everyday may not look the same, but as long as you try your hardest, you will see results. When she’s not coaching clients or playing soccer herself, Kendra can be found kayaking, longboarding or in a desperate search for the perfect cup of coffee. 

Favorite quote: “The most important play is the next play.

Samantha Smith

My name is Samantha Smith, and I’m excited to be pursuing my passion for fitness by becoming a coach for CardioSport, a new program that combines cardio training with the fun of sports. I got into fitness several years ago as a way to cope with my own mental health issues. Through consistent exercise and healthy habits, I was able to overcome obstacles and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence. Now, I’m committed to helping others do the same. As a coach, I believe that fitness is about more than just looking good or losing weight. It’s about building a strong, resilient body and mind that can handle anything life throws our way. I’m passionate about creating personalized plans that cater to each individual’s unique needs and goals, whether that’s improving their physical fitness, boosting their mental health, or both. I’m working on getting certified in personal training through NASM, and I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Above all, I’m dedicated to helping my clients achieve their full potential, both inside and outside of the gym. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or you’re looking to take your training to the next level, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.


As a former track and field and cross-country coach, Doug Ysewyn has coached hundreds of runners, throwers and jumpers at many levels offering training advice to athletes of all abilites and ages. He started his coaching career at Ledyard High School in the fall of 1992, working with both the boy’s and girl’s teams for 22 seasons. He coached at East Lyme High for four seasons and he also held coaching positions at Connecticut College, Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Hartford. In 2006 he stepped away from full-time coaching to raise a family. Today, he continues to aid runners so that they might find improvement in their times and joy in their movement. He realized early on that each athlete or rather each participant (movement is for everyone benefits from individual attention. What works for one may need to be tweaked for another. His philosphy has always been “less is more except when it isn’t. Some days you will want your workout to be easier but then again, hard work pays off, too. Doug’s job is to know what works best for each person striving to become better at movement. But, movement is the key. Doug has logged more than 30,000 miles on his bicycle. His treadmill has never been used as a coat hanger and he is accustomed to walking 20,000 plus steps per day. His daily full-speed “laps” around the kitchen island (done to avoid being tagged “it” by any of his four sons) keep his legs strong. Movement. Cardio Sport is all about movement and Doug is happy to join the team as a coach committed to helping others move.

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